dreamboats of eastlake, 1997

Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA in collaboration with Stuart Keeler and Michael Machnic

Seattle Arts Commission collaboration with Stuart Keeler, and Michael Machnic. The sculptures are composed of translucent Fiberglass kayaks, embedded images, powder coated metal, and mosaic. 15′ tall, 17′ long and 3′ wide. The three golden kayaks link the busy street with the lake shore, to Eastlake’s history as a Native American site, and to Lake Union, the body of water, center of the city, and passageway to Puget Sound and Pacific.

The titles, “Rest”, “Read”, and “Respect” imply choices for the passing public. “Rest” has a mosaic bed, to recline and look up into the seven chakras of body image “Read” references the World Wide Web and includes a beautiful passage of a Native American legend, the invention of the paddle, the transformation of the material world, and the gift of travel. “Respect” has been planted with Native plants, and a trellis for a wild passion vine. The night transforms the three kayaks into glowing beacons along the length of Eastlake.