limelight, fall 2009 – spring 2010

Shoreline City Hall,
Opus Construction, LMN Architects

The Shoreline City Hall mural is titled LIMELIGHT. It is composed of huge blossoms of the native dogwood tree, Cornus nuttalli. This painted mural creates a backdrop for public events in the Courtyard and, also, serves as a beacon for the new City Hall. The billboard size flowers, floating down the center of the wall, bring the vital energy of spring out into the broader context of a suburban neighborhood with strip malls, billboards and stripped landscape. The top of the mural can be seen from the adjacent Highway 99, as a very dreamy billboard. Within the courtyard the mural brings a soft atmospheric space into the façade of the glass and metal clad walls. Upon closer view and as one walks toward the City Hall entry doors, one experiences the scale of the wonderland-size flowers and the expression and energy of the painting.