rare books, 2000-2002

Library of UW and Cascadia Campus, Bothell, WA

In the Reading Room of the Library of UW Cascadia Campus. A set of four artist made books to be held in this reliquary with Podium (on wheels, so that it can be brought into the room.) One book for each season,of the upcoming year 2001, with pages for the Librarian to change once a week. The podium is fabricated from one sheet of steel, like a scroll, and is held in place by a large fabricated steel quill pen. Four shelves hold the books. The books are rare, and represent the book as artifact. The entire surface of all the steel is patinaed and waxed. The glass doors reflect the wetlands beyond. The reliquary is 9 ft tall and 5 ft wide and 30″ deep.