spinning our wheels, 2012

Port of Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport Rental Car Facility, Sea-Tac, WA
Colleen McPoland: Port of Seattle Public Arts Administrator, Fabrication Specialties: fabrication and installation, Jose San Juan: artist, magician with an air brush, Sam Santos of Western Graphics: design, Nick Robertson of Piano Nobile: architectural dr
video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/jwtiWiza1XM

A mesmerizing array of brilliant colors and dazzling designs await travelers arriving to the new Rental Car Facility at Sea-Tac Airport. “Spinning Our Wheels” is a composition of 91 steel discs, standing 6 feet tall, and running the entire length of a 600 ft steel fence. Painted with layers of luminous auto paint, the wheels create a playful narrative for the travelers caught in between worlds, and spinning their wheels while they await a shuttle bus to a flight into the skies, or a rental car for their visit to the Pacific Northwest. Set against the soft Seattle skies, the artwork brings a wondrous welcome into view.

There are 24 rotating wheels. Each wheel is programmed separately, so that the motion is subtle and shifting throughout the length of the wall. The wheels will be rotating very slowly, and then shift to a rhythmic pace of variable speeds almost like breathing. The 24 rotating wheels are interspersed throughout the length of the wall, giving the entire wall a sense of animation.

The designs are colorful optical patterns that vibrate with jewel like colors. The designs move from cool deep blues to sunset colors throughout the length of the wall.
The Rental Car Facility is located just north of Sea-Tac Airport on Pacific Highway South.